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Title Cathodic Protection Monitor (CP-monitor)
Product name Cathodic Protection Monitor (CP-monitor)
Model name SD - 21 Company SUNDOO Electronics Co.
Telephone +82-2-3397-3297 Homepage http://sdtron.co.kr/english
Email sundoo97@sdtron.co.kr Application Part
Main image SD.jpg  Date 2016-11-04 PM 1:50:40
SD-21 is an equipment to measure [cathodic potential] spilling for corrosion prevention of gas pipe that is laid under the ground . By 100 ㏁ input impedance, input resistance can be measured exactly without error in some topography because granite topographical feature was applied according to a lot of domestic real conditions(Generally other equipments use 1 ㏁ or 10 ㏁. Place that land resistance is high is big error).

- Test corrosion conditions of various constructions and steel pipes

- Joint development with KGS(Korea Gas Safety Corporation)

- Simultaneous measure of Voltage, electric current, ground resistance, frequency(the world's first)

- Easy measurement of alternative current interference and earth specific resistance

- Built-in printer type

- Earth Resistance Tester(Option)

※ Win the grand prize in '2007 Korean technology frontier award'

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