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Title Digital manometer(without printer model)
Product name Digital manometer(without printer model)
Model name SDM-L Company SUNDOO Electronics Co.
Telephone +82-2-3397-3297 Homepage http://sdtron.co.kr/english
Email sundoo97@sdtron.co.kr Application Part
Main image sdm-l.jpg  Date 2016-11-04 PM 1:53:45
This equipment allows simple measuring of pressure and testing airtightness (indicates initial value/ending value). The product has wide applications including broad range of measurement units at maximum 10,000 mmH2O(SDM-L) and selection of various input units, back-light functions. SDM-ALARM sounds warning once the pressure goes up or down by ±20% compared to initial pressure at the time of measuring, and it can be used for various purposes such as branching out of gas pipes or measuring pressure from gas bag.

- Pressure measurement, Airtight test

- Checking start/end

- Effective in pressure test of gas pipes

- Very small and light weight

- Selective pressure scale

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