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Title Remove Chlorine Shower Head
Product name Remove Chlorine Shower Head
Model name Remove Chlorine Shower Head Company Biocera Co., Ltd
Telephone 82-31-704-2396 Homepage http://biocera.co.kr/
Email biocera@biocera.co.kr Application Part
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Contents Product Description
Ato-Zero Shower Head keeps in moist & good healthy skin by prevention of skin aging and moisture effect. As well as, it has functions such as Bidet, Spray shower & Saving water by 3 kinds of button mode. So, Ato-Zero Shower Head is good for the adult as well as the weak-resistant baby, especially including the person to suffer from dried skin and skin trouble in maintaining their healthy skin.

Product Feature

1.It allows you to take a shower with clean water by neutralizing residual toxic chlorine gas, a cancer-causing substance left in tap water.
2.It removes harmful chlorine penetrating into the skin completely when taking a shower or bath
3.It is good for preventing various skin allergies, especially atopic dermatitis.
4.it is good for preventing ticks of pets.
5.It helps to moisturize dry skin like a moisture creme.
6.It helps to prevent depilation and itches on the skin and scalp

Product Specification / Models
Product Name : AtoZero Remove Chlorine Showerhead
Contents : Showerhead including remove chlorine Ceramic filter(1unit), Refill filter(1 unit)
Main Components : ABS resin, Chlorine-removing bioceramics and complex far-infrared ceramicston
Life time of inside filter : 4 ~ 6 months (exchange one time every 4~6 months)
manufacturer : Biocera Co., Ltd.

How to Use
It is made to connect to other products as made by the international standard.
It allows you to check through its transparent film when to refill it. (You can replace it with a new filter after using it for more than 3/4)

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