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Product name SUPER BIO
Model name SUPER BIO Company Bio HI-TECH CO., LTD
Telephone 82-2-592-3819 Homepage http://www.biohitechgroup.com/index.html
Email techconsultingllc@gmail.com Application Part
Main image Gobio.jpg  Date 2017-01-19 PM 1:35:32
Contents Click to enlarge image Product Description Super Bio: Extinctive Decomposition of organic waste into water and carbon acid gas within 24 hours by using microorganism Zero Emission of secondary waste Patent Right with Pro-Environmental Technologies Economic Advantage : No heating energy and low maintenance cost Pro-Environmental Solution : No secondary waste emission/No smelling Product Feature SUPER BIO :30kg (100 people) BM-30(116x78x90) / Power Consumption : 10KW SUPER BIO :50kg (150 people) BM-50A(300x181x148) /Power Consumption: 22KW SUPER BIO :100kg (300 people) BM-100A(400x148x176) /Power Consumption : 39KW SUPER BIO :500kg (1500 people) BH-500(401x260x225) /Power Consumption : 150KW SUPER BIO :2000kg (6000 people) BH-2000(1265x586x440) /Power Consumption : 520KW SUPER BIO :7000kg (23,000 people) BH-7000(1500x700x500) /Power Consumption : 1820 KW Product Specification / Models SUPER BIO: 30KG SUPER BIO: 50KG SUPER BIO: 100KG SUPER BIO: 200KG SUPER BIO: 300KG SUPER BIO: 500KG SUPER BIO: 2000KG SUPER BIO: 7000KG
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