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Title Recycling Plastics Waste Pyrolysis Machine
Product name Recycling Plastics Waste Pyrolysis Machine
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Waste Pyrolysis of waste plastic is the method to restore to oil heating and
dismantling used plastics through reverse process of producing plastic products in Petrochemistry industry.

Thermal decomposition with low temperature is endothermic reaction system heating wastes indirectly with low temperature (350℃ ~ 450℃) under no oxygen or low oxygen environment and forms unstable radicals with weak linked part being cut first and similar linkage systems being combined randomly and cut.

It consists mainly of radical reactions. Cut-off situation of combination happens successively with energy being transferred into combined structure of organic matter through continuous reactions, changes to substance with tiny molecular weight and through this process clean fuel with prominent value is created as environment-friendly resource for less generation of contaminants.

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