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Title cell Mini Solar Mobile Phone Charger
Product name cell Mini Solar Mobile Phone Charger
Model name cell Mini Solar Mobile Phone Charger Company LSTech Co., LTD
Telephone +82-42-936-7018 Homepage http://lstech.kr/
Email info@lstech.kr Application Part
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Contents Product Description Nucell Mini is the portable Mobile phone charger which has a rechargeable battery can be charged by Solar cell and USB port. It can be a power linker and data linker when it connects USB port and mobile phone. If we adopt the flash memory, it could be USB memory drive in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB at customer’s option. Product Feature Solar cell
■ 20% conversion efficiency mono silicon solar cell.
■ Output power: 0.125 watt, 4.6 ~ 4.7volt, 27 ~ 30 mA (1Sun, 25℃).
■ Capsulation: low reflective polymer film – high absorption Battery
■ Li-Polymer 3.7Volts 400mA
■ Power input : By USB(5V) or Sunbeam Output : 3.7V
■ Continuous talking time : About 30~40Minutes(Depends on the cellphone)
■ Stand by time : About 24 hours
■ Recharging time : USB-About 80minutes, Sunbeam-About 12hours
■ Available to : Domestic or International phones using 24pins(Changeable) Data link
■ Interface : USB2.0
■ InstallationSoftware : Software served by cellphone manufacturer
■ Available to : Domestic or International phones using 24pins(Changeable) Mobile phone charge by USB USB Memory(0,2,4,8 GB customer's option) LED Lamp Product Specification / Models Item Dimensions: 5.9*2.4*1.5cm ( L x W x H ) Item Weight:23 g Nucell-A(Basic model without the flash memory) Nucell-B(With the 2GB, 4GB, 8GB of flash memory) Nucell-C Application 1. Portable & subsidiary rechargeable battery for the mobile phone 2. Data linker between PC and Mobile phone 3. Power linker from USB port to Mobile phone directly 4. USB memory drive(Nucell-B)
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