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Title  T&T SBR SYSTEM (Floating Surface Aerator(SWT2000-semipermanent, FRP))
Product name  T&T SBR SYSTEM (Floating Surface Aerator(SWT2000-semipermanent, FRP))
Model name  T&T SBR SYSTEM (Floating Surface Aerator(SWT2000-semipermanent, FRP)) Company  Sangwon EnC Co., Ltd.
Telephone  82-2-2666-5100 Homepage  http://www.sangwonenc.com/
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Main image  57(1).jpg  Date  2017-05-12 PM 1:29:11
Product Description T&T-SBR System represents a variation of the activated sludge process, the system works by bacteria which is effective in removing BOD, COD and nutrients being part of organic wastewater. The System is unique in its ability to act as (an equalization basin), aeration tank and final clarifier by use of only one single tank, defined as "Reactor". The T&T-SBR does not allow influent wastewater to enter the reactor during the final aeration, settle and decant phases, thereby assuring an excellent quality of final effluent. Because the T&T-SBR operates in a real batch treatment mode, optimum effluent quality is obtained during each cycle. Only a fraction of the total reactor volume, typically approx. 30 %, is introduced into the reactor each cycle This raw flow is combined with the acclimated biomass, which remains in the reactor at all times. The ratio of the incoming raw flow to biomass is a key factor in obtaining desired effluent quality results in each Reactor. Since only a small amount of sludge is wasted each cycle, the quantity of the biomass (activated sludge) is always maintained. The use of a surface aerator, installed at a floating construction, guarantees trouble-free operation, easy maintenance and (by varying speed) only one equipment for aeration (high speed) and mixing (low speed). The use of microprocessor controlled phases enables the operator or engineer to vary the operating strategy of the T&T-SBR to suit the treatment requirements. Normally, the process follows the basic steps of fill, react, settle, decant, and Idle. The ability to create aerobics, anaerobics or anoxic conditions within the reactor results in flexible operation, better treatment of the waste and optimum effluent quality. Product Feature ․ High-oxygen transfer rate and High-efficiency(2.0~2.5kgO2/kWh) Process is simple due to oxygen supply and mixing of reaction tank accomplished by a floating surface aerator(SWT2000-semipermanent, material; special FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) produced and manufactured by Sangwon EnC). The automatic operation reduces maintenance of the reaction tank and the total operation costs are extremely low. ․ Shock loads have no negative influence on the purification performance of the reaction tank due to automatic operation by DO sensor connection(PID control). ․Total site requirement is reduced from 30 to 40% compared with conventional activated sludge process Product Specification / Models - Floating surface aerator(SWT2000-semipermanent, FRP) . SWT2000-900model, . SWT2000-1250model . SWT2000-1600model . SWT2000-2000model . SWT2000-2500model Application wastewater treatment
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