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Title Dust Sensor
Product name Dust Sensor
Model name Dust Sensor Company NIDS
Telephone 82-31-742-8200 Homepage http://www.nids.co.kr:8080/smain.html
Email sunny@nids.co.kr Application Part
Main image 65(1).jpg  Date 2017-05-12 PM 1:32:27
Product Description This application note of NIDS dust sensor “SM-PV-00A” is a document consist from explanation how to use, cautions when using it, characteristics data, etc, for customer`s reference when applying this device. When designing the device, please refer to this document and also evaluate it under actual usage conditions. Product Feature ◊ Compact & thin package (W59x H45x D20 mm) ◊ With application of PWM (Pulse Width Measurement), the device can detect even single housedust. ◊ Cigarette smoke (Small particle:P1) and House dust (Large particle:P2) can be distinguished. Product Specification / Models ◊ House dust ◊ Cigarette smoke Application ◊ Air purifier (cleaner) ◊ Air conditioner
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