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Product name SOOTFREE
Model name SOOTFREE Company SangMyeong ENTech
Telephone +82-63-835-3367 Homepage http://www.samyangentech.com
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Product Description - Boiler Efficiency-Up : Removal of Scale, Fouling and clinker. - Clogging problem by scale, Fouling and clinker is removed. - SOx, NOx, DUST are reduced by about 30%. Product Feature - Energy Saving by combustion efficiency increase - Heat efficiency by the removal of sluge, scales, deposit, fouling, clinker, Sludge and Slag. - Increasing Rate of Fuel Consumption vs. Sludge Thickness - Prevent of low temperature corrosion and scales on air preheaters Product Specification / Models - SOOT FREE- C - SOOTMASTER - SOOTFREE – G - GAS CLEANER - SOOTFREE- B - WATER MASTER - SOOTFREE – C - SOOT FREE – F Application SOOTFREE-G : CNG Engine, Gas Fired Boiler, Gas Turbine Save energy and remove white smoke and scales SOOTFREE-B : Oil Fired Boiler Save Energy and remove air pollutant and scales SOOTFREE-C : Coal Fired Boiler Improve combustion efficiency and remove clinker and dust Sox, NOx, etc. SOOTFREE-D : Diesel Engine Improve combustion efficiency and remove air pollutants such as soot, dust, CO. etc SOOTFREE-F : Solid Fuel such as Coal Waste Improve combustion efficiency and remove air pollutant SOOTMASTER : domestic Boiler, Incinerator Remove soot and oxidized substances and prevent corrosion. GAS CLEANER : Small Gas Fired Boiler Save energy and with soot WATER MASTER : Boiler water treatment Prevent corrosion and remove scale
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