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"Superline Screening" is a high-tech engineering of 10times complicated than the coarseo r fine screening in which any mechanical trouble should not occur while the 1~5mm of screen openings are kept un-clogged even in the tough circumstance of sewage treatment plants that all kinds of refuses are flowing in.

However, around 10 kinds of Superline Screen like Auto-Bar type, Step type, Drum Strainer with Screw type and the Front Face Drivingo r Side Face Driving Belt ytype Screens have been introduced recently as the need of the field is so high. But, it is common that we see some screens have to be cleaned manually by operators periodicallyo r some are bypassing the sewage through the side of the screen frameso r through beneath the screen secretly due to the clogging og the openings which is incurred due to lots of reasons within only 1~10 weeks after start up even they are equipped with some kinds of cleaning apparatus.

- Durable Stainless Steel Wedge section Bars(Micro-Bars) are fixed with a special top spacer and the free support structure(Not welded) allows deep and complets slitting of the screen openings by the long teeth rakes. This enables the "Never get clogged capability of the openings!"

- Hinge Cushioned Rake Apparatus provides instant and repeatable protection of whole mechanical parts unlike the normal motor torque limiter that should be reset whenever operated.

- Self-Tensioning Apparatus of the Rake Chain makes the static tension of chain set at 0(Zero) unlike the normal tensioning. This unique apparatus prevents the high tension drive of the chain and the mechanical impact of the chain is maintained at less than 1/5 of the normal, hence the life time of the chain is extended to 3~5 times of the normal tensioning method.

- UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Poly Ethylene(molecular weight of 3~6Million), which has 10~20 times of molecular weight of Normal Poly Ethylene (molecular weight of 0.1~0.4 Million) is adapted as the Guide Rails for the Rake Traveling Chains. This enables the lifetime of the Rake Chain to be over 10 years by reducing the coefiicient of friction with the chain rollers to less than 1/7 of the friction with the normal stainless guide rails.
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