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Title Catchmop 4piece Set
Product name Catchmop 4piece Set
Model name Catchmop 4piece Set Company CLEMBON
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CATCHMOP is a multi-purpose cleaning product, made
with ultra micro-fiber that is much thinner (about 0.1 denier)
than the conventional Nylon micro-fiber (about 1.0 denier) or
other yarns.
Made by using a new technology of micro-fiber,
CATCHMOP thoroughly cleans any surface, nooks and
crannies picking up all types of old dust and dirt without
chemicals or detergents: just wetting with water is enough.
Moreover, it can be reused over and over again by just
washing it with water. It can also be used in dry state without
It is available in different sizes and types (cloth, glove, pad,
sponge and scrubber) and can be used for many purposes,
including commercial cleaning as well as household cleaning
(kitchen, bathroom, floor, window-seal, appliance, furniture
and automobile, etc.).

Optional Information

- Payment : T/T in Advance
- Payment Price : 7 USD
- Origin : South Korea
- Minimum Order : 5,000set
- Packaging : Carton/Inner case
- Samples : Charge
- Sample Price : 7.1 USD
- Remarks : * Terms of Condition : FOB Korean Port All terms are negotiable.
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