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Aeron, heat catalyst oxidation method, improves the problems of the conventional treatment method. It has excellent economical efficiency. It treats VOCs and comprehensive odors completely. It is a method of high efficiency and low cost.

Odor-causing resources are divided into two parts, natural odors by protein dissolution by microorganisms and artificial odors by sewage treatment plant, livestock facility, oil manufacturing factory, excreta treatment plant and painting facility.

[ Odor treatment technology ]

Odor treatment technology is divided widely into two parts, pre-treatment controlling operation condition and working condition and post-treatment managing odor controlling facility. In Korea, odor controlling technologies are absorption, adsorption, catalyst treatment and combustion method but most facilities are absorption and adsorption method. These facilities are saving the initial construction cost but the maintenance cost is increased due to the change of absorbent and it is difficult to find the changing time of microorganisms.

[ Background of development ]

The conventional absorption and adsorption method’s deodorizing efficiency is below 70 so it cannot meet the emission standard. The direct combustion method has demerit of high cost. AERON of Macroad Co., Ltd. solves this demerit. It is designed that the odor should be passed through TiO2 heat catalyst oxidation facility, ion adsorption facility and water screen facility. Therefore, it can remove the odor more than 90.

[ Problems of the conventional odor treatment method ]

Low removal efficiency (absorption method)

Producing the secondary odor (chemical washing method and microorganisms deodorizing method)

Good removal efficiency but high initial facility cost (direct combustion method)

Difficult maintenance (microorganisms deodorizing method and activated carbon adsorption method)

[ Features of AERON deodorizer ]

Excellent removal efficiency (removing complex odor and designated odor more than 90)

No secondary pollution

Cheap the initial facility cost (compared to the direct combustion methodo r microorganisms method)

Easy maintenance and cheap maintenance cost

Available to check the operation at the outside
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