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• Electric dehydrator is a dehydrator reducing the water content ratio by 65 – 60 by using electric penetration method from sewage sludge of water content ratio by 98 – 80.

* Introduction of dehydrating technology
(1) Reducing the water content ratio below 85 with the first dehydration through the first pre-treatment process (pressured compression) from the sludge by 98 – 97 water content ratio.

(2) Giving the positive electricity to the drum of dehydrator by converting the triple alternating current (R.S.T)
•Giving the negative electricity to the caterpillar and inputting the sludge to be dehydrated

(3) Usually, sludge particle (solids) of negative electricity is moved to the drum of dehydrator by the electric between the drum and caterpillar.

(4) On the other hand, the moisture of sludge particle is dehydrated by moving to the caterpillar part.

It is called ‘electric penetration dehydration’.

(5) Major electric mechanisms of these process
▶ Electric dehydration by electro-phoresis
▶ Capillary dehydration by electroosmosis
▶ Dehydration by coulombic heating

(6) By these principles, the sludge dehydrated by electric penetration is controlled easily and simply. It is easy to control the sludge after dehydrating because the feature of macromolecule flocculant is broken during the dehydrating process. Also, it is available to reduce the drying cost.
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