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Title Ionization Water Treatment System
Product name Ionization Water Treatment System
Model name Ionization Water Treatment System Company IOREX Co., Ltd.
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■ Introduction
IOREX is environmental product developed in high-tech. Once IOREX is installed in plumbing system that water passes through, it makes activated water, which prevents rust, scale and slime that cause pollution and corrosion in plumbing system.
In addition, IOREX is environmentally friendly apparatus which helps Well-being life by sterilization and softening water and keeping essential minerals for living thing.
It is necessary to all plumbings which the water passes, including water supply, industrial water, buildings, apartment house and so on.

■ Feature :
- CONVENIENT : easy to install, cuts off water and halts traffic only for a short period of time
- SAFETY : uses natural materials (carbon) – maximizes safety
- ECO-FRIENDLY : no motor power, no chemicals, no A/S
- ECONOMICAL : semi-permanent – only install once
- PRACTICAL : no decrease in water pressure, suitable for water quality at home and abroad

■ Application :
- Waterworks, Building, Apartment, School, Hospital, Sauna, Pool
- Factory / Industrial facilities, Boiler, Heat exchanger
- Farms for animal / plants, etc.
- and also applicable to all kind of pipe materials

Optional Information
- Payment : T/T in Advance
- Origin : Republic of Korea
- Minimum Order : 1
- Packaging : carton or wooden case
- Samples : Not Avaliable
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