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Title Package Type Humidifier (Air Washer) CH-300
Product name Package Type Humidifier (Air Washer) CH-300
Model name Package Type Humidifier (Air Washer) CH-300 Company HWAJEUN ENGINEERING
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Package type Humidifier CH300, It can generate the large volume of micro particles by 2-fluid type of the compressed air. It is effective in cooling, sterilizing, and removing the fetor by the result of the strong humidifying effects.


1. Best Humidifing & Cooling System
With air Washer System, Moisture is enaporated 100% Since that adsorbed high humidity blowing into the room and temperature of the cooling to 3~5% than that of the out air in summer.

2. With Dus Collecting Function
Air mixed with fluff is absorbed in large quantity into the machine and therefore inside the plant will be clean and fresh.

3. Ultra Energy-Saving Type
Electric power is 1.5~4.4KW witch is designed to and power rates are very low.

4. Automatic Fluff Disposal System
Wet type jet system and Dry type slide system.

5. Servere Control
Humidity are automatically control with in the range of +-2% respectively inside the plant.

6. Easy Installation
This package type of air conditioning system features both easier installation and operation.


1. Humiditying Capacity (Liter/Hr) : 58

2. Volume (W/D/H) : 3500mm / 1400mm / 2700mm

3. Electronic Power of Blower (KW) : 2.2

4. Electronic Power of Water Pump (KW) : 2.2

5. Air Circulation (m3) : 275

6. Suitable Area (m²) : 480

♦ Abobe Humiditying Capacity shows the valve when operated at room temperature D.B 27°c, W.B 19.5°c, 60Hz
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