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Title Titech AutoSort MF
Product name Titech AutoSort MF
Model name Titech AutoSort MF Company Titech
Telephone +82-031-938-7173 Homepage www.titech.co.kr
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Sorting with TiTech means
- Innobative technology - selection of between 6 different sensors
- High purity - up to 98
- High efficiency - up to 95
- High precision - even the smallest of particles are recognized
- High throughput performance - up to 30 metric tons per hour, depends on application and material

TiTech machines lower costs
- High availability: round-the-clock operation
- User-friendliness: minimal training necessary
- Quick and easy installation
- Minimal maintenance required
- Low energy consumption

1. Mixed packaging waste
- Positive sorting of beverage cartons, PE, PP, PS, PET, EPS, paper etc.
- Sorting of mixed polymers from other material
2. PET bottle recycling
- PVC from PET stream
3. Refuse derived fuel (RDF)
-PVC from mixed waste
- RDF from municipal waste
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