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Title Oil Degrading Microorganism
Product name Oil Degrading Microorganism
Model name Oil Degrading Microorganism Company Ecophile Co., Ltd.
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Product Description

The oil degrading microorganism is a completely natural and safe liquid blend of naturally occurring and specifically selected microbes formulated to bioremediate all kinds of crude or midifieed petroleum products and paraffin wax.
The microbial cultures in the liquid concentrate (or solid concentration) will continue hydrocarbon digestion and enzyme production until every oil contaminations and other related organic wastes are consumed.
When using EcoGuard, there is no need to worry about affecting the surrounding environment.

Product Feature

- For petrochemical use, this contain several types of microbes which can degrade aliphatic and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) chemicals.

- It contains microflora that survives on hydrocarbon waste substances allowing it to utilize it as a source of carbon.

- Being extremely resistant to toxic effects of the chemical pollutant fraction and are able to multiply and metabolize in the presence of certain heavy metals.

- Because of the diversity of the microorganisms and proprietary biological enzyme systems, this product is excellent for all types of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon degradation.

Product Specification / Models

EcoGuard BTEX : for gasoline & VOC
EcoGuard TPH : for diesel, kerosene
EcoGuard CRU : for Crude oil
EcoGuard LUB : for Lubricant Oil
EcoGuard OCN : for ocean coastal area
Microbial Count : 2.0 x 109 CFU/ml


Microorganisms are ideally suited to the task of contaminant degradation because they possess enzymes that allow them to use contaminants as food.
Bioaugmentation enhances the performance of indigenous bacteria through the addition of bacterial strains with specific activities.
Biological contaminated soil treatment systems rely on microbes to degrade organic material in the biomass, where microbes come in contact with organic material under controlled conditions.
Bioaugmentation enhances the ability of indigenous biomass to degrade waste and contaminated soil.
Ecophile develops products by selecting strains with catabolic pathways to achieve targeted effects in contaminated soil treatment.
Microbes are similarly used for the clean-up and remediation of soil, asphalt, concrete, wood, metal, and equipment that has come in contact with oil, gasoline and grease.