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Title EnPol G8060, G8060F, G4560, G4560J
Product name EnPol G8060, G8060F, G4560, G4560J
Model name EnPol G8060, G8060F, G4560, G4560J Company Ire Chemical Lim
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Contents Product Description
EnPol polymers, produced through the polycondensation reaction of glycols and dicarboxylic acids with IRe’s self-developed catalyst and process technology, are biodegradable thermoplastic resins.
We produce and market a biodegradable aliphatic, aliphatic-aromatic copolyester under the trade name of EnPol. 100% biodegradable EnPol has the same qualities as Nylon, PE and PET. However, if fishing gear made of EnPol lost at sea, it not only prevents ghost fishing but, also, protects the marine environment.

Product Feature
EnPol polymer are stable in the atmosphere, but biological decomposition commences when exposed to bacteria or fungi and moisture. Living micro-organisms transform EnPol polymers into water, carbon dioxide and biomass.
EnPol polymer completely decompose in normal composting conditions without any harmful by-products, and harmless to the environment at every stage of decomposition process.

Product Specification
1. EnPol G8060 [PBAT (Polybutyleneadipate-co-butyleneterephthalate)]
- It has an elastomeric property and outstanding elongation. (it is most suitable for film manufacture.)

2. EnPol G8060F [G8060 + biomass]
- It is a bio-degradable high molecule, which is properly improved for various films using G8060 asmain raw materials in order to manufacture high-quality film.

3. EnPol G4560 [Poly(butylenes succinate), PBS]
- It is a bio-degradable high molecule, whose mechanical property can be a adjusted by changing melting flow index (M.F.I) depending on the purpose of product in polycondensation process.

4. EnPol G4560J [Poly(butylenes succinate), PBS]
- Its basic molecule structure, Tm and specific gravity are same as those of G4560 but its MI is higher than that of G4560 as 20 so it has a good flow characteristic.

Application Disposable goods
cup, knife, spoon, fork, razor, straw, golf tee, etc.

Films : compost bag, trash bag, shopping bag, packaging film, shrink film, blister film, etc.

Agriculture and horticulture : mulch film, plant pot, rope or string, clip, etc

Fishing Gear : Fishing net, Fishing trap, Rope, Fishing Line

Containers : tray, food containers, bottles(shampoo, detergent, beverage), etc.
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