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Title Chemical integrated management system
Product name Chemical integrated management system
Model name Chemical integrated management system Company TO21 Co., Ltd.
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Email Application Part Management of hazardous chemical used in business places
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Contents 1.Outline

The system checks the discharge paths and quantities of the hazardous chemical substances to make the management of the chemical substances improved and to make the causes of losses of the business recognized and eliminates the repeated elements of the management to make the integrated management of the chemical substances effectively carried out.

2. Introduction

1) Development of managing model of chemical substances
- Chemical substance database: physical and chemical properties, hazardous information, MSDS information, current quantity information
- Chemical substance-related law information: 12 laws
- Discharge capacity information: discharge source information, atmosphere, water system, soil discharge quantity, environment moving quantity
- Facility information: specifications, characteristics, manager information, position information
- Operation site safety-related DB
- Personal information

2) Chemical substances MAP drafting
- GIS system building
- Completion of chemical substance integrated management system

3. Characteristics

1) Possibility of real time searching for chemical substance information
2) Image upgrade of the business

4. Application

Business places and plants where hazardous chemical substances are employed.