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Title Water Resource Business
Product name Water Resource Business
Model name Water Resource Business Company Dongmyeong Engineering Consultants & Architecture Co., Ltd.
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Contents 1. Outline

- Based on creative thinking, conscience of a technician and best technological prowess, this business tries to make a new challenge for a bright future by developing world’s best competitiveness and a creative paradigm.

2. Introduction

3. Character

- Water Resource Development Area

1. River Management and Basic Plan

- Research on streams and river basins.
- Preparation of a basic river plan and a river facility management register.
- Comprehensive plan for small river maintenance.
- Plan for river environment management.
- Comprehensive plan for river basin control.

2. Implementation Plan for River Conservation Work

- Final design for river maintenance.
- Final design for river environment construction.
- Final design for flood damage restoration construction.
- Basic and final design for a water distribution pump plant.

- Disaster Prevention
- Prior review on disaster impact.
- Comprehensive plan for reduction of damage from storms and floods.
- Emergency action plan for dams and reservoirs.
- Analysis and assessment of a natural disaster damage restoration project.

4. Application

- Water resource business.

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