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Title Green Dam
Product name Green Dam
Certificate 10-0883959
Model name Green Dam Company Clean & Green Environmental Engineering Co.
Telephone 82-31-404-0369 Homepage http://www.cngwater.co.kr
Email kr-5472@daum.net Application Part Green Dam
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Contents 1. Outline

- Our Green Dam offers superior LID technology to deal with nonpoint pollution sources by making dramatic improvement in drawbacks of water retention and filtration types
- Our Green Dam retains early stages of precipitation full of nonpoint pollution sources and get them processed in steps: settlement, microorganism treatment, and soil adsorption. In doing so, pollutants are reduced and steadily out-flowed into the near vegetation or river. Plus it improves water cycle structure.

2. Introduction

3. Character

- Retain only early stages of precipitation which contains highly concentrated nonpoint
pollutants. Keep them for several days for treating while releasing.
- Apply natural methods and put several processes of settlement, microorganism treatment, and soil adsorption in a compact size treatment area.
- Spend several days to release the pollutant reduced water after rain stops benefiting rainwater being kept, flood control, ephemeral stream prevention, aquatic ecology preservation, and virtuous water cycle.
- Minimize discharge of existing pollutants accumulated within the facility when it rains.
- Easy to build it since its ready-made, assembled in plant in advance.

4. Application

- Road.
- Apartment complex.
- Industrial complex.
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