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Title Filter media
Product name Filter media
Model name BC PLUS Company Cnctech Co., Ltd.
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Contents Microorganism contact filter media

BOD, COD, and SS components that act as pollutant materials in the wastewater are decomposed by high concentration of microorganisms and protozoa that are attached on the surface of the microorganism contact filter that are disposed in the aerobic tank.

2. Introduction
BC PULS is made of nylon yarn BCF to maximize the surface area and the amount of microorganism retained thereon, thereby achieving advanced purified efficiency for sewage and wastewater. Also, the BC PULS is formed of nylon mono-yarn to minimize the drooping of the original shape due to the microorganism attached thereon and the anaerobic process, thereby drastically suppressing the generation of sludge caused by the decomposition and desorption.

3. Characteristics
1) Rapid attachment of microorganisms, without separation from the filter
- Made of nylon whose amide accelerating physical and chemical combination with microorganisms.
- Microorganism attached on the interior of the section of BCF micro fiber Y type, not influenced by the flow of gas or liquid.
2) Maximum surface area in domestic products
- Having more than 1.0 m2/m of surface area by use of BCF yarn of section Y.
3) Clean treatment water as the number of microorganisms separated is small
- Maintenance of maximum porosity by mixing with nylon mono yarn, with rarely having the desorption of microorganism by the anaerobic process.
4) Less resistance against the flow of gas or liquid
- Being of a rope shape that does not interfere the flowing of gas or liquid, thereby improving treatment efficiency and avoiding the falling of sludge by shocks.
5) Semi-permanent use
- Excellent chemical resistance, acid resistance, and alkali resistance and a high degree of tension strength.
6) Economical
- Higher treatment efficiency by 5 ~ 10 % than existing rope type contact filter, when the same amount is employed.

4. Application
1) Sewage
- New sewage treatment facilities, existing sewage treatment plants.
- Repairing in case of having a low treatment efficiency as standard activated sludge methods, long term aeration methods, or contact oxidization process using other contact filters is employed.
- Bio-reactor: Installation of Bio-reactor made of BC PLUS in case of having a high efficiency at the expense of a short treatment period of time with post-process equipment to thereby minimize the loss of time and expense due to the whole repairing.
- Decomposition type of sewage disposal tank, merged sewage disposal tank, advanced treatment equipment.
2) Wastewater
- In case where the quality of treatment water becomes bad as the load of water flowing increases.
- In case where MLSS in the aeration tank is not maintained.
- In case of generating a large amount of sludge.
- Denitrification system, Bio-reactor.
3) Rivers, ponds, fish farms
- Removal of suspended substances, nitrogen, phosphorous, COD, and BOD in the rivers, ponds, and fish farms.
4) Deodorization
Applied to biological bad smell removing systems.
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