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Title Chlorine Dioxide sterilization system
Product name Chlorine Dioxide sterilization system
Certificate Patent No. 10-0817730
Model name Clodix E-100, 200, 1500, 2000, 2400 Company Daehan Environment Industries Co., Ltd.
Telephone 82-31-905-0144 Homepage http://www.clenzer.co.kr
Email clenzer@clenzer.co.kr Application Part Foul water, wastewater & sewage treatment plant
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Contents 1. Outline

- It is a chlorine dioxide generator which produces chlorine dioxide aqueous solution or gas of high purity by reacting the salt chlorite with hypochlorous acid or chlorine generated at the anode by electrolyzing the salt.
- It is operated by 2 component process which oxidizes hypochlorous acid as chlorine. It is divided by two types. One is for large scale which can generate large amount of chlorine dioxide of high purity because there are little reaction by-products and reaction noise by minute bubble reaction. The other is for medium and small scale which can generate chlorine dioxide by electrolyzing salt water.

2. Introduction

3. Characteristics

3-1. Merit
- Improving the quality of discharging water (improving the environment of river and lake)
ㆍRemoving the odor such as fishy smell.
ㆍRemoving phenol compounds and heavy metals such as iron and manganese.
ㆍRemoving chromaticity.
- Powerful and wide sterilization power (prevention of re-pollution of water quality and sustaining effect)
ㆍExcellent removal efficiency of bacteria, virus and protozoa.
ㆍRemoving the odor produced at removing algae.
ㆍWide range of sterilization independent of pH(2-10)
- Environmentally-friendliness (minimizing the effect to natural ecosystem)
ㆍNot producing carcinogen such as THMs, HAAs, Bromate, etc.
ㆍNot harmful to fish or submerged creatures below 0.2ppm, and sterilizing the agent of disease.
ㆍEasily dissolved by light or temperature.
- Economical efficiency
ㆍLow cost for initial installation
3-2. Features
- It is available to select and control various sterilization treatment processes (chlorine + chlorine dioxide)
- Flexible treatment by the condition of water quality and available to remove submerged ammonia.
- Mass-production of across-the-board system is available without the limit by treatment capacity.
- It saves the chemical cost by 15% and manufacturing water requirement by 60 - 90% compared to other chlorine oxidize generator.
- High durability and stability by reducing noise and vibration which are problems of decompressing process.
- Available to reduce the apparatus cost sharply if using the conventional chlorine sterilization facility.
- Available to voluntarily control the concentration of chlorine dioxide aqueous solution.

4. Application

- Water purification plant
- Water reclamation and reuse system
- Foul water, wastewater and sewage treatment plant
- Pulp and paper making
- Farm
- Industrial processing water & cooling tower
- Foods processing
- Petro-chemistry
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