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Title Heating circulating water for boiler
Product name Heating circulating water for boiler
Certificate Patent No. 10-0860612
Model name Bio warmer Company Korea Energy Tech Co., Ltd.
Telephone 82-32-663-1145 Homepage http://www.ket21.kr
Email webmaster@ket21.kr Application Part Improving the boiler efficiency
Main image MP2009000023-flash.gif  Date 2009-09-15 AM 10:38:46
1. Outline

- It is heating circulating water of new material for all boilers using water as medium. It improves the efficiency of boiler by 25 – 30% due to speedy heating.

2. Introduction

3. Characteristics

- Speedier heating than water
- Slower cooling speed than the existing water
- The freezing point is 40 degrees below zero and there is no corrosion of pipe.
- The efficiency is improved by 25 – 30% irrespective of energy sources.
- It emits the far infrared rays negative ion by adding bio material so it prevents the atopic fungus.

4. Application

- Apartment (individual heating house), detached house
- Oil, LPG and electric boiler in rural areas
- Vinyl house for agriculture and other water-circulating boiler

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