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Title Air pollution control facility
Product name Air pollution control facility
Model name Company Seshinclean Co., Ltd.
Telephone 82-32-323-4785 Homepage http://www.seshinclean.co.kr
Email scc@seshinclean.co.kr Application Part Cement manufacturing factory, metal factory, milling/food factory, wood processing factory, plating factory, and other offensive odor, dust producing factory
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1. Outline

① Bag filter
- A device that collects dust in filter when the gas with dust is released

② Cyclone
- Separates the particles from the gas by giving big and heavy particles a centrifugal force, precipitates and collects dust. It is used by itself with big particles and is used with small particles as high-efficient collecting preprocess device

③ Scrubber
- Used for water-soluble gas treatment. Absorbing solvent is put on the top of the tower and removes harmful gas on the bottom

④ Scrubber + A/C Tower
- Removes non water-soluble gas with activated carbon after removing water-soluble gas with cleaning facility

※ A/C TOWER : Removes harmful chemicals by using the method that gas or steam is attached to porous solid surface. Activated carbon is usually used as an absorbent.

⑤ Remove harmful gas by burning
- In case of factory, which emits high concentration organic gas, the gas can be used for boiler fuel

2. Introduction

3. Characteristics

① Bag filter
- High collecting efficiency with fine particles
- Collect various kinds of dust
- Operate any volumes
- Small pressure is needed

② Cyclone
- Economical
- Simple structure
- Ideal device for preprocess of electricity collecting and filtering device
- Operate in high temperature
- Great collecting ability over 5 micros
- Low efficiency and expensive operating expense below 5 micros

③ Scrubber
- High efficiency with proper amount of water supplied
- Highly adjustable to the change of amount of gas
- Simple production

④ Scrubber + A/C Tower
- Removes offensive odor
- Simple treatment system, easy maintenance
- Cheap installment expense
- High efficiency on removing waste
- Need regular change for absorbent

⑤ Removes harmful gas by burning

4. Application

- Cement manufacturing factory, metal factory
- Milling/food factory, wood processing factory
- Plating factory
- Other offensive odor, dust producing factory

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