Title Status of Eco-Interior Support Project
AttachFile 16Data-89_Status_of_Eco-Interior_Support_Project.pdf  Date 2017-08-03
Contents Status of Eco-Interior Support Project

1. Overview

* Eco-Interior: Interior without noxious materials to save resources by using Environment Certification Marks

* Environment-friendly Construction Materials: Environment-friendly paint, wallpaper, floor material, heat insulator, waterproof materials, adhesives and wooden furniture as Environmentally Certified.

* Eco-Interior Project Support: Companies willing to handle environment-friendly construction materials among interior companies will be provided with information on environment-friendly construction materials. The project is to have such stores exposed to environment-friendly materials and ensure direct exchange between manufacturers and interior companies.

* The project began in 2014, using environment-friendly construction materials environmentally certified. The aim shall be prevention of atopy, asthma and nostril problems while saving resources and energy.

2. Status

* The project is to improve healthy housing environment and to support autonomy of small and medium-sized interior companies by promoting distribution of environment-friendly products much needed in the nation’s livelihood.

For more information, see the attached file.
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