Title Market Trend of Energy Conversion of Water Quality Contaminants
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Contents Market Trend of Energy Conversion of Water Quality Contaminants

1. Overview

* Notwithstanding the water being the necessary element for survival of the humankind, its importance and utility of its value are valued low. However, recently, water resource environment destruction such as green tides and red tides, is pointed as being the direct cause of economic problems and restriction on drinking water resulting from harmful materials remaining in water such as bacteria is being recognized as cause of threat to people’s welfare and threat to security of developing countries. The physical absorption technology (multi pore filters and absorption sheets) proposed for existing water processing has limitations in eliminating harmful substances of fine concentration.

* In urban states, with improvement of quality of people’s life, excessive dose of drugs is increasing and as result, the volume of antibiotics being directly released through human waste of households is increasing every year.

* Beyond the method of water decomposition and hydrogen production through artificial electricity supply, the research for developing the water decomposition and hydrogen production system using the most environmentally friendly source of energy, the solar energy, is being actively conducted.

* The water decomposition -hydrogen production technology using solar energy is not only environmentally friendly from perspective of using unlimited source of energy, solar energy, and water, but also hydrogen produced therefrom is recognized to be the cheapest economically and strongest source of energy.

* In the past, there were efforts to use photo catalysis Nano particles or solar battery for external power, but they showed limitation from the efficiency and economy perspectives.

* Recently, to overcome the limitations of each single material, water decomposition – hydrogen production material and element in a new form mixing solar battery technology and photo catalysis technology is being developed.

* Based on such recognition, ultra sensible hybrid photoelectrode technology which can produce hydrogen from contaminating sources while simultaneously decomposing and eliminating water quality contaminants is developed.

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