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Title  Potential and Technical Development of Koreas' New Renewable Energy Resources
AttachFile  17IS-21_Potential_and_Technical.hwp.pdf  Date  2017-09-27
Contents  1. Overview

- From the industrial viewpoint of development stage of world history, the development state can be considered to be changes of energy source. Compared to the industrial revolution era which was based on the fossil fuel, 21C is changing into eco-friendly and sustainable new energy paradigm through the use of clean new renewable energy. The flow of energy is expected to convert from the age of oil through the age of natural gas to the age of new renewable energy based on clean energy.
- Lately Korean government is pushing ahead with mandatory supply of new renewable energy such as solar, wind power generation, etc, mandatory installation of new renewable energy by public institutions, solar rental project, etc as a series of specific action for the technical development, industrial promotion and active dissemination of new renewable energy. The government is carrying forward the use and dissemination promotion of new renewable energy to supply 11% by the primary energy in 2035 as new renewable energy under the strategy letting the new renewable energy be responsible for the mainstay in Korean supply of energy in the long-term.

For more information, see the attached file.
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