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234     Trend and Current Status of River Management Market
Hits 700 Date 2017-06-16
Contents Trend and Current Status of River Management Market

1. Summary

Necessity of river management

* It is urgent to establish an effective flowing-sand management plan because the blocking of the flowing sand transfer by the hydraulic structure operations of large rivers can cause the decrease of the..
233     Market Trend of Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Hits 672 Date 2017-06-14
Contents Market Trend of Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

1. Summary

* There is an increasing demand to develop alternative technologies for the expected sewage treatment problems at present or in the future.

* Recently, as the concentration entering sewage treatment facilities has been gradually inc..
232     Trend of Wastewater Treatment Filter Market
Hits 689 Date 2017-06-12
Contents Trend of Wastewater Treatment Filter Market

1. Summary

* In order to preserve river ecosystem, the water quality standard of effluent water for sewage treatment facilities in the whole country has been strengthened, so that it is inevitable to secure a wastewater treatment facility, and the filtration process fo..
231     Trend of Cobalt Recycling Industry
Hits 714 Date 2017-06-08
Contents Trend of Cobalt Recycling Industry

1. Summary

* Currently, domestic cobalt demand depends on foreign imports entirely.

* Nevertheless, domestic recycling technology is weak and cobalt is being partially recycled from scraps or waste.

* The development of a competitive cobalt recycling process..
230     Trend of Eco-Friendly Concrete Business
Hits 686 Date 2017-06-06
Contents Trend of Eco-Friendly Concrete Business

1. Summary

* Korea has had the highest increasing rate of greenhouse gas emissions over the past 10 years among the OECD countries, and 9th in the world in total emissions.

* Now, in all industries, greenhouse gas reduction has become a pressing issue to resolve ..

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