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222     Trend of Aluminum Recycling Business
Hits 394 Date 2017-05-15
Contents Trend of Aluminum Recycling Business

1. Summary

* The characteristics of aluminum recycling are as follows, and the demand for aluminum recycling industry is increasing due to these characteristics.

* Since aluminum can be recycled infinitely due to the nature of the material, it is an excellent materi..
221     Industry Trend of Hydrogen-LPG Hybrid Engines and Reforming..
Hits 435 Date 2017-04-27
Contents Industry Trend of Hydrogen-LPG Hybrid Engines and Reforming Devices

1. Summary


* There is a growing demand for the development of clean and alternative energy to meet the tightening exhaust gas regulations.

* The high use rate of LPG accounts for more than 16% of passenger c..
220     Trend and Current Status of Biomass Utilization Industry
Hits 459 Date 2017-04-25
Contents Trend and Current Status of Biomass Utilization Industry

1. Summary

* Greenhouse gas reduction efforts are being carried out to prevent global warming caused by global greenhouse gas increase.
- Various greenhouse gas reduction methods such as development of eco-friendly fuels (biodiesel), tree planting, se..
219     Trend of Microalgae Culture Industry
Hits 456 Date 2017-04-21
Contents Trend of Microalgae Culture Industry

1. Summary

* Various ways are being sought to overcome the energy crisis caused by the depletion of fossil fuels worldwide and to solve environmental problems caused by greenhouse gases.

* Korea is also the first country in Asia to start the carbon emission trading ..
218     Trend of Domestic Soundproofing Wall Industry
Hits 427 Date 2017-04-19
Contents Trend of Domestic Soundproofing Wall Industry

1. Summary

The need for soundproofing walls

* Road traffic volume has been increasing steadily until recently, and the noise problems caused by it have been reflected in society through complaints, disputes, and budget.

* In addition to nois..

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