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272     National Institute of Environmental Research's Phycotoxin A..
Hits 209 Date 2017-09-07
Contents 1. Overview

- National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER, president Park Jin-Won) attached to Ministry of Environment (MOE) said that the test analysis method in the water quality and soil developed by domestic technology was proposed to the International Standard Organization (ISO)* at the end of last year and of them,..
271     “Need for Expanding Water Supply through Reuse, Desalinati..
Hits 169 Date 2017-09-07
Contents 1. Overview

- Recent years the Korean peninsula has undergone extreme drought and the precipitation is at the level of 56% of average year, and every region is on high alert in securing agricultural water and living water. Besides, Damage of crops and livestock is getting more serious due to premature heat. The Davos Forum, Switzerl..
270     Ministry of the Interior and Security, Undertakes Improved A..
Hits 199 Date 2017-09-07
Contents 1. Overview

- The Ministry of the Interior and Security (hereinafter "MOIS") undertakes the administrative service improvement introducing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ease the inconvenience of residents created from the discharge of large domestic waste.
* MOIS (Minister, Kim Bu-Gyeom) and Eunpyeng-gu, Seoul ..
269     Potential and Technical Development of Koreas' New Renewabl..
Hits 184 Date 2017-09-27
Contents 1. Overview

- From the industrial viewpoint of development stage of world history, the development state can be considered to be changes of energy source. Compared to the industrial revolution era which was based on the fossil fuel, 21C is changing into eco-friendly and sustainable new energy paradigm through the use of clean new rene..
268     Introduction of Korean Energy Self-reliance Site
Hits 221 Date 2017-09-27
Contents 1. Overview

- As the renewable energy is getting spotlight, many energy consumers are changing into energy producers. Such change ranges from local governments and public institutions fulfilling the mandatory installation of renewable energy equipment in public institution to advanced rural village in farming area. This column intro..

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