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264     Metropolitan Area Landfill Site, a Mecca of Korean New Rene..
Hits 315 Date 2017-09-15
Contents 1. Overview
- The Ministry of Environment (Minister Kim, Eun-Gyeong ) and metropolitan area Landfill Site Management Corporation (President, Jae-Hyun Lee) announced that they plan to expand the dissemination of new renewable energy such as biogas, landfill gas, photovoltaic power generation, etc using the waste and idle site in the cap..
263     Korea Domestic Environment Market with KW 98 Trillion Scale..
Hits 305 Date 2017-09-19
Contents 1. Overview
- Encouraged by the Korean Government driven Environment Industry Growth Support Policy, the Korea domestic environment industry has been overall enjoying the growth trend retained these days. As of year 2014, the total sales amount reached approximately KW 98 trillion including the export of KW8.2 trillion, respectively in..
262     Best Practices in the Regional Eco Innovation Project (3)
Hits 327 Date 2017-08-30
Contents 1. Overview
- The Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology (ECOPROFIT) was first initiated in 1991 in Graz, Austria funded by the European Union.
- In 2005, the ECOPROFIT Korea was launched by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and its affiliated Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (K..
261     Activation of resource recycling through uni-materials
Hits 322 Date 2017-09-15
Contents 1. Overview
- [Uni-material] : Refers to materials that use less hazardous materials considering the collection and recycling from the product's design/manufacturing stage and unifying or simplifying the existing product's material to facilitate the product's recycling after use while maintaining the product's original performance and fun..
260     Excellent Clean Technology (2)
Hits 355 Date 2017-09-14
Contents 1. Overview
- The basic idea of ECOPROFIT is a mutually beneficial model using integrated environmental technologies to strengthen local businesses economically while simultaneously improving local environment.
- Followings are the ones that have been selected by Korea National Cleaner Production Center as one of the best ECOP..

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