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232     Trend of Wastewater Treatment Filter Market
Hits 410 Date 2017-06-12
Contents Trend of Wastewater Treatment Filter Market

1. Summary

* In order to preserve river ecosystem, the water quality standard of effluent water for sewage treatment facilities in the whole country has been strengthened, so that it is inevitable to secure a wastewater treatment facility, and the filtration process fo..
231     Trend of Cobalt Recycling Industry
Hits 446 Date 2017-06-08
Contents Trend of Cobalt Recycling Industry

1. Summary

* Currently, domestic cobalt demand depends on foreign imports entirely.

* Nevertheless, domestic recycling technology is weak and cobalt is being partially recycled from scraps or waste.

* The development of a competitive cobalt recycling process..
230     Trend of Eco-Friendly Concrete Business
Hits 435 Date 2017-06-06
Contents Trend of Eco-Friendly Concrete Business

1. Summary

* Korea has had the highest increasing rate of greenhouse gas emissions over the past 10 years among the OECD countries, and 9th in the world in total emissions.

* Now, in all industries, greenhouse gas reduction has become a pressing issue to resolve ..
229     Trend of Eco-Friendly Adhesive Process Industry
Hits 453 Date 2017-06-02
Contents Trend of Eco-Friendly Adhesive Process Industry

1. Summary

* The use of large quantities of industrial water and hazardous chemical organic solvents in the current shoe bonding process is considered ineffective and anti-environment.

* It is possible to reduce cost and to establish pollution-free and e..
228     Trend of Livestock Wastewater Treatment Market
Hits 430 Date 2017-05-31
Contents Trend of Livestock Wastewater Treatment Market

1. Summary

* The livestock sector, one of the causes of climate change, is known to account for 18% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions in terms of carbon dioxide conversions, so livestock manure management becomes more important.

* In addition, as the ..

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