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274     The 5th 「MOTIE-ADB Joint Energy Forum」
Hits 4 Date 2017-11-08
Contents 1. Overview

- The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) held the 5th 「MOTIE-ADB Joint Energy Forum」in September, 2017.
* The forum is held every year according to MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for energy cooperation which MOTIE signed with ADB in 2013, which shares the pro..
273     The Urgent Needs for Fine Dust Management in Shipping Indus..
Hits 36 Date 2017-11-01
Contents 1. Overview

- At the work order of president, measures for fine dust such as shutdown of coal-fired power plant for one month in June, 2017 are accelerated.
* But there is still blind spot in management and it is said that measures are to be established urgently.
* The reason is because of fine dust discharged from the ocean go..
272     The Reconsideration of Spent Nuclear Fuel Master Plan is In..
Hits 36 Date 2017-11-01
Contents 1. Overview

- Aside from the arguments for and against the nuclear power plant construction and operation, management of spent nuclear fuel generated from the nuclear power plant is a hot issue.
* This is because the safe disposal of spent nuclear fuel is the very important challenge in energy policy in that it influences on the..
271     Waste Treatment Industry Market Prospects in Korea
Hits 35 Date 2017-11-01
Contents 1. Overview

- For the Korean society to jump up to the resource recycling society, the field which we shall use the biggest efforts will be the domestic waste-related industry.
* According to 'Sudokwon landfill site statistical yearbook vol. 14' released in August, 2017 by Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation (SLMC), t..
270     Prospect of Korea Energy Market in 2017
Hits 48 Date 2017-11-01
Contents 1. Overview

- Korea energy market in 2017 is expected to be the year looking for the momentum of growth. The government promotes the revitalization of energy industry and the company seeks the business opportunities.
① Open and introduction of competition
② Composition of low carbon power source mix
③ Building way ou..

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