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Title  With the Goal of Entering China with Aircle Ventilation System, SHERPA CNC
AttachFile  With_the_Goal_of_Entering_China_with_Aircle_Ventilation_System,_SHERPA_CNC.pdf  Date  2017-06-02

As a professional company for ventilation systems established in 2006, Sherpa CNC developed the heat exchanger, which is a key component of ventilation facilities based on experience and know how accumulated at the site for around 10 years and has been gaining much attention in the domestic market as well as in the Chinese market.

Especially, the Aircle ventilation system of Sherpa CNC has heat exchange efficiency of 90% or more, which not comparable to ventilation systems of other products in terms of efficiency and is targeting to be supplying the best functions and the best product.


Q. What is the reason for much investment in the research and development for reducing pollution?


A. As we are investing 20% or more of our revenue in R&D, for our improvements in functions of the existing products and development of new products, we received certification for procuring excellent products in 2016 and designation for the innovative eco-design support project of the Korea Environmental industry and Technology Institute and completed developing the new project aircle-r150dx slim type. After launching the product in 2014, Aircle firmly positioned itself as a representative brand for ventilation systems of Korea in the premium market including luxurious houses.

Through such active investment in R&D by Sherpa CNC, we will be able to complete well with products of advanced countries which have been around for 30 or more years.



For more information, see the attached file.

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