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2507     BIOCERA Co., Ltd. 2016-05-12
Category Eco-Goods Hits 626
Contents Since the establishment in 1994, Biocera has continued to develop environmentally-friendly products such as ceramic balls, and antibacterial and alkaline water for the safety of the human beings. Being the world leader in the field of bioceramic balls, the company pioneering enthusiasm and effort have accelerated in expanding the market and ..
2506     HKET CO., LTD 2016-03-28
Category Eco-Goods Hits 647
Contents Founded as a "company respecting the life of nature" in 1986, we have built experience and done research in the area of total water treatment equipment and the bio industry, steadily making efforts for technology development. Along with an ISO9001 certificate, we have obtained patent registrations, utility model registrations, and Performanc..
2505     Woojin Construction Co., Ltd 2016-03-28
Category Technology & Process Hits 729
Contents Founded in 1979 as Walseong Construction specializing in housing development, Woojin Construction has devoted itself to public construction works and the nation's infrastructure construction projects for over 30 years and grown into a company ranked 270th in business volume and having 63.5 billion won worth construction capacity in Kore..
2504     Blue Whale Screen Co.,Ltd. 2016-03-22
Category Equipment Hits 620
Contents Blue Whale Screen Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in superfine screens of 1-5mm openings removing solids from municipal and industrial wastewater. Currently we are producing around 30 kinds of screens and filters and 16 patents have been registered for these screens. The Korea Ministry of Environment has awarded the Prize of Minister..
2503     BKT Co., Ltd. 2016-03-21
Category Technology & Process Hits 660
Contents BKT Co., Ltd. is a South Korean water treatment company that provides proprietary technologies and engineering services through its 3 main business divisions: 1) Water, 2) Membrane, and 3) Energy. The Water Division oversees the operation of BBF, the state-of-the-art technology that treats and reuses water and wastewater, and BCS, the adv..

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