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2550     Kum Kyeong Lighting Co., Ltd. 2017-02-24
Category Eco-Goods Hits 439
Contents Leading Co. Kum Kyeong Lighting LED lighting LED lighting is leading the domestic market on the basis of the industry's largest infrastructure facilities and equipment the best technology and best quality. Patent and design registration 30 cases or more, high efficiency equipment certified more than 250 cases, environmental labeling certi..
2549     Joongang EMC., Ltd 2017-02-17
Category Technology & Process Hits 490
Contents Joong-Aang EMC,. Ltd is a professional supplier of steel and machinery construction material for environmental, industrial and engineering plants. Joong-Aang EmC., Ltd has been accredited as an innovative construction venture company with an extablished R&D, certified by inno-Biz, and set as an environmentally friendly company by the Minis..
2548     Sae Onnuri Green Tech co. LTD 2017-02-10
Category Equipment Hits 418
Contents Uman Star will automatically open and have closed, as usual mosquito dirt and odor protection, to prevent rats, blocking harmful insects and pregnant women, children, aversion to tourists by witght of rainwater. This reduces dirt blocked the citizens of property damage and damage caused by flooding based sanitation and solve the complaints..
2547     BKT Co., LTD 2017-02-03
Category Equipment Hits 435
Contents At BKT, we innovate to optimize solutions and create a future beyond waste. We seek not only to minimize environmental waste but also to ensure that our customers do not waste unnecessary space, energy, or financial resources. Our Focus The BKT engineering team focuses on three key approaches — retrofit, replace, reuse — to re..
2546     Hanaroeng Co., Ltd 2017-01-19
Category Equipment Hits 517
Contents Human being share his life together with the nature. Hanaro has manufactured and supplied a safe and good functional products due to the accumulation of high-level technology since the establishment of 1998. We are trying to make our environment clean and pure. And we will do our best or best to develop and manufacture good products. wit..

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