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781     Netween.Co., Ltd 2017-08-18
Category Technology & Process Hits 66
Contents Netween is B2C brand of CNS(Central Network Solution) established in 1960, provide ONT(Optical Network Terminal) and AP to KT. Netween has developed Home CCTV(IP camera) and various kinds of USB camera based on wireless network and video streaming technology. Also netween endeavor to provide product with reasonable price so that custo..
780     Bukyong Environmental technology inc. 2017-07-07
Category Technology & Process Hits 177
Contents Bukyong environmental technology Inc. aims to improve the quality of life by developing the environment and energy technology based on low-carbon green technology. The main business areas are the fuel cell business development, appropriate sewage treatment technology for south-east Asia and the prevention and reducing green algae, which is ..
779     Tappstech Co, Ltd. 2017-07-07
Category Technology & Process Hits 195
Contents TAPPS Tech Co., Ltd is a Korean-based subsidiary established by Pritt Company Incorporated in Beijing, China. The company provides components for both industrial and domestic water purification systems. It operates 14 branches in China with the revenue of 50 billion KRW in 2014. It supplies items for over 1,000 products, of which the sale..
778     Joongang EMC., Ltd 2017-02-17
Category Technology & Process Hits 490
Contents Joong-Aang EMC,. Ltd is a professional supplier of steel and machinery construction material for environmental, industrial and engineering plants. Joong-Aang EmC., Ltd has been accredited as an innovative construction venture company with an extablished R&D, certified by inno-Biz, and set as an environmentally friendly company by the Minis..
777     EN Tech Co. LTD 2016-07-26
Category Technology & Process Hits 699
Contents Please take a second and think about the future without access to saef water for ourselves and our loved ones. Currently, it is widely known that the amount of water that people can use for irrigation, industrial and domestic aplpications is decreasing every single second since water is being polluted. Howeer, the human demand for water is ir..

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