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1475     Development of Core Source Technologies for Forwar.. 2017-11-08
Category Research report > Water Hits 473
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - The sharp increase of household and industry sewer & waste water in connection with the population increase in the future and industrial advancement incur the enormous water system pollution, requiring diverse environment technology based approach for securing safe water resources as an urgent countermeasure ag..
1474     Survey on Landfill Minimization through Improvement.. 2017-11-01
Category Research report > Waste Hits 377
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - The Government and Ministry of Environment of Korea move ahead with the plan for zero landfill of waste materials left behind as a core national agenda establishing a policy goal intending to reduce the rate of waste material landfill up to 1.0% phase by phase until 2035 in the 4th ''Comprehensive National Environm..
1473     Research on Pilot Project for Establishing Local C.. 2017-11-01
Category Research report > Safety&Health Hits 343
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - The need of establishing local contingency system such as enacting the certain ordinances against the chemical accident increases as the right to know of people for chemical materials is actively assured as per the 「Chemical Material Control Act」 enforced in 2015. - However, since no guidelines as to what sort of..
1472     Research of Developing New Projects for Promotion .. 2017-11-01
Category Research report > Policy & Finance Hits 336
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - Big changeover in across the board of production and consumption is happening in connection with the commencement of Paris Agreement enforced in order to cope with the global environment crisis caused by change of climate. - The present research is intennded to contribute to building a zero carbon society in line w..
1471     Analytical Research on Project Promoting the Distr.. 2017-11-01
Category Research report > Policy & Finance Hits 211
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - The purpose of present research is intended to analyze the performance result of projects driven to date for consistent project expansion of designation the Green Stores & operation of Green Purchase Support Center and setting the direction of intermediate & long term projects. * The systematic performanc..

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