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Title Development of Movable and Installable Small to Medium Sized Container Type Package Sewage Processing System
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Contents Development of Movable and Installable Small to Medium Sized Container Type Package Sewage Processing System

1. Summary

Purpose of and Need for Research

* Sewage is social infrastructure that is fundamental to urban development and pleasant life of people but as Korean sewage businesses are mainly established around urban areas, agricultural and fishery areas including small sized eup and myon unites have been relatively excluded and as investment in fundamental facilities for improving the environment is insufficient, living environment in the rural areas had unsatisfactory supply of sewage presently.

* Currently, as the penetration of the city size sewage in Korea is 90.1%, whereas the penetration rate of sewage in agricultural and fisher regions is 50.2%(Ministry of Environment, 2011), to suitably process waste water of region where sewage is not supplied, development of technology for small size waste water purifying facilities of high efficiency is presently urgent.

* Research for development and improvement, etc. of optimal system and establishment of effective and detailed plan to promote with respect to village sewage are still currently unsatisfactory.

* The amount of sewage occurring in agricultural and fishery areas are difficult to calculate due to regional characteristics and geographical conditions and lack of government action or poor maintenance and water quality is unstable due to injection of underground water, etc. and as result, due to decrease of design load amount, processing efficiency is not satisfied in many cases.

* From perspective of construction cost and maintenance of processing plant per person, for waste water processing method, large facilities are more advantageous than small facilities, but from the perspective of the entire construction cost including pipe facilities, small size method is more advantageous.

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