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Title Development of Griffin Quantum Dot based Portable Mic..
National Digital Science Library
Attached File 16Data-80_Development_of_Griffin_Quantum_Dot_based_Portable_Micro_Device_for_Detecting_High_Speed_and_High_Efficiency_Multiplex_Heavy_Metals.pdf Date
Development of Griffin Quantum Dot based Portable Micro Device for Detecting High Speed and High Efficiency Multiplex Heavy Metals

1. Summary

Purpose of and Need for Research

* This research applies various environmental sensors and elements using single layered griffin quantum dots combined at high transference number and excellent electrical, physical, chemical and facial features of griffin material which became a popular next generation new material recently and integrates micro fluidic device for sample preconditioning, thereby purporting to develop griffin quantum dot based integrated environmental elements for measuring ultra-sensibly heavy metals of water quality which can substantiate from a single device to identify the targeted environmental heavy metals from injecting samples.

* Such application of griffin quantum dots as environmental sensors/elements is an area which has not been yet researched and was successfully conducted in this research.

* We can not only procure the original technology relating to the surface griffin quantum dots, but through commercialization, the technology is determined to have a big ripple effects also of decreasing outside dependency on environmental sensors.

Contents and Scope of the Research

* Final goal of the research and development is to develop a griffin quantum based portable micro integrated device for detecting high speed and high efficiency multiplex heavy metals which can diagnose at the site and subject materials of detection are silver, lead and mercury, with detection measurement range using the griffin quantum dots of 1~100ppb.

* Considering the heavy metal detection standards of environmental standards of water quality by the Ministry of Environment, mercury is not detected based on standards of river, lake and underground water, lead is 100ppb or below and based on drinking water, mercury is 1ppb and lead was 50ppb or below. Therefore, depending on the heavy metals subject to detection for the detection measurement ranges using the griffin quantum dots, we will select the limits to be15ppb for mercury, 50ppb for silver and 100ppb for lead.

* Heavy meatal concentration conditions is aimed at concentration of 80% or more and includes optimized ion exchange resin development and establishing pump and valve conditions for developing sample preconditioning system for high concentration.

For more information, see the attached file.
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