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Title Basement Environment Duct Cleaning Using Robots and Development of Integrated Management System
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Contents Basement Environment Duct Cleaning Using Robots and Development of Integrated Management System

1. Summary

Purpose of and Need for Research

* Develop an integrated management system for reducing real time energy and interior air quality optimization for the basement space.

* Competing advanced countries such as OECD member countries, etc. are reacting quickly such as by selecting a strategy to utilize the green growth as a new growth momentum.

* Accordingly, by enacting the Basic Act on Low Carbon Green Growth (amended on January 13, 2010), Korea is responding and from 2013, we will be highly possibly included in the mandatory countries to reduce greenhouse gas.

* As such, as an executive strategy of green growth, which is one of important paradigms worldwide, the government decided to reduce greenhouse gas emission forecast (BAU) by 30% by 2020 and following up on subsequent measures.

* Moreover, the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy announced that it entered into collaboration agreements for energy target management system sample projects with large companies, etc. from 2009 and that the companies announced energy targets selected internally.

* Simultaneously satisfying national requirement of green growth, we can propose the basement environment integrated system of this assignment as a role model for the demands to manage energy usage by companies and basement spaces and developing technology to improve pleasant life environment quality.

* By establishing measures to quantify the correlation of carbon reduction from establishing environmentally friendly basement spaces such as improving basement space environment and increasing energy management efficiency, minimize occurrence of greenhouse gas.

* By acquiring, processing and accumulating energy information and developing low carbon type energy diagnosis management process linked to environmental management factors which support energy management, facility operation and process are optimized, energy loss and function decrease are detected early to be managed and policy decision relating to energy use and costs are supported.

For more information, see the attached file.

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