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Title Research on Development of Environment Policy Subject and Evolution of Environment Governan to Cope with Future Environment Issues
Attached File 17RR-14_Research_on_Development.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-10-10
Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- The purpose of present research is to cope with the current & future environment issues, and develop the policy subjects for evolution scheme on environment administrative affairs & governance system based on the diagnosis conducted on the result and limitation of key environment issues & countermeasures related.
- Diagnosis on the present & future environment issues such as humidifier disinfectant, find dusts, climate change & etc. and results & limitation of related countermeasure, and the preparation of effective countermeasure policies on these issues are required.
- Development of evolution scheme on environment administrative affairs such as clear division of tasks among central government agencies, among Ministry of Environment offices & bureaus, between central & local governments together with the decision making system, and the heightening the effectiveness of governance system are required.
- The result of present research is to be utilized in coping with the key environment issues, and establishing relevant policies for evolution of environment administrative issues & governance system.

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