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40     Systematic Management of Toxic Chemicals Control 2002-11-07
Category Research report > Water Hits 2449
Contents - The criteria for designating toxic chemicals will be strengthened, and toxicity assessment procedures will be further tightened. - The present toxic chemicals control system, which places priority on acute toxicity, will be tightened to cover carcinogens, residues, and bioaccumulations. - The total number of designated toxic chemicals will..
39     Policy Measures Hazardous Chemicals Control 2002-11-07
Category Research report > Water Hits 2595
Contents 1) Hazard Evaluation of New Chemicals New chemicals cannot be manufactured or imported without undergoing the hazard evaluation conducted by the MOE. In 1991, the MOE established the Chemical Substance Evaluation Committee, which is responsible for reviewing all data, including test results, submitted at the time of the initial filing ..
38     Major Policy Measures for Toxic Chemicals Control 2002-11-07
Category Research report > Water Hits 2550
Contents 1) Improvement of the Hazard Evaluation System There is a general need to ensure the greater reliability of toxicity test results. This is important not only for domestic users of such data but also for foreign users as well. In particular, measures must be taken to ensure that the OECD member countries have confidence in the toxicity re..
37     Hazardous Waste Current Status 2002-11-07
Category Research report > Water Hits 2630
Contents A. Chemicals The regulation and control of chemicals in Korea was drastically strengthened with the enactment of Toxic Chemicals Control Act in 1990, in which a wider range of chemicals was made subject to control, and the chemical control regulations were improved. Chemicals are made subject to particular regulations depending on the ch..
36     Management of Hazardous, Solid and Radioactive Wast.. 2002-11-07
Category Research report > Water Hits 2655
Contents Hazardous Wastes: There are programmes to limit waste generation at the production Level; conduct operation analysis, and apply waste reduction goal and implementation tools to minimize volume of waste released at production level, depending on the characteristics of each industry. Five specified waste facilities in operation to deal with..

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