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10     Energy Conservation and Efficiency Improvement-Ind.. 2002-11-06
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Contents 1) Establishment of Energy-Intensity Targets by Product The Government has established energy intensity targets by product and has been encouraging energy-intensive industries to achieve these targets. Based on the 1992 Five-Year Energy Conservation Plan, the Government specified annual energy-intensity targets for 161 energy-intensive..
9     LNG as a Clean Energy 2002-11-06
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Contents 1. Demand for and Supply of LNG Demand for LNG began in earnest in 1987 and has since expanded at an average annual rate of 20%. Consumption of LNG is expected to continue increasing until the early 2000s, as the Government maintains its focus on setting up a nationwide distribution pipeline network.
8     Nuclear Power Generation 2002-11-06
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Contents 1. Historical Background Under the Electricity Business Act, the first nuclear power plant (NPP) in Korea was built in 1978. In the 1980s, NPPs were operating commercially and provided a large share of electricity supply, more than half of the total power generated in 1987. In the 1990's, Korea achieved technological self-reliance in this ..
7     Local Energy Plan 2002-11-06
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Contents The central Government helps local Governmental bodies establish their own unique and independent local energy plans. The local energy plans aim to develop an environment-friendly energy program and improve the economy and welfare of local residents by taking full account local economic, natural, and social circumstances. Under the Ratio..
6     Energy Conservation Technology 2002-11-06
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Contents The Government has long supported the development of energy conservation technologies which could have economic value with great energy saving potential in the near term. From 1992-1996, 111 of 289 projects were completed and 23 among these are now in practical utilization. Based on the 10-Year National Plan for Energy Technology Developme..

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