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6     Energy Conservation Technology 2002-11-06
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Contents The Government has long supported the development of energy conservation technologies which could have economic value with great energy saving potential in the near term. From 1992-1996, 111 of 289 projects were completed and 23 among these are now in practical utilization. Based on the 10-Year National Plan for Energy Technology Developme..
5     Current Situation and Planning for New and Renewabl.. 2002-11-06
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Contents 1) Photovoltaic Power Three photovoltaic power plants are in operation. A photovoltaic power plant of 100 KW on Ho island in Chungnam was built with domestic materials and equipment in 1993, and another facility on Hawha island in Chunnam was upgraded from 25 KW to 60 KW. To publicize photovoltaic power plants, a new exhibition center wa..
4     Changing Energy Consumption Patterns 4 2002-11-06
Category Research report > Air & Climate Hits 3284
Contents MOCIE is supporting R and D and dissemination of energy-efficient technologies, new and renewable energy technologies and clean energy technologies. The Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI), supported by MOCIE, is national principal energy policy research organization that provides a broad range of research works on energy policy..
3     Changing Energy Consumption Patterns 3 2002-11-06
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Contents Status: The share of firewoods and other non-renewable energy, which had accounted for nearly 20% of the Republic of Korea's total energy consumption in the early 1970s, has been reduced m less than 1% in 1999. Since it was introduced in the mid-1990s, LNG grows to cover 93% of total energy consumption. The Republic of Korea launched nuclear ..
2     Changing Energy Consumption Patterns 2 2002-11-06
Category Research report > Air & Climate Hits 3307
Contents Direct and government-funded subsidies are widely used to defray the higher, up front capital costs of renewable technologies. For example, Local Energy Programme, under which MOCIE provides local governments with subsidies to effectively implement the installation of facilities using renewable energy such as photovoltaics, wind power, ..

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