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1445     Renewable Energy Industry Issue and Prospect of Ene.. 2017-09-14
Category Research report > Energy Hits 316
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - The renewable energy industry issue focused on electric power generation using renewable energy spreads fast, the restriction on global warming since signing COP21 has been strengthened, and the eco-friendly energy market such as renewable energy and low carbon green car is changing. - The whole world starting to..
1444     Direction of Future Research for Hazard Assessment .. 2017-09-14
Category Research report > Air & Climate Hits 374
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - Harmful microorganism in yellow dust has been considered to become extinct with long distance movement due to exposure to UV and atmospheric circulation and difficult to spread the disease, but with the recent climate change, it is reported that yellow dust bioaerosol travels thousands of kilometers containing fine..
1443     Climate Change and Smart Agriculture Issue 2017-09-13
Category Research report > Air & Climate Hits 363
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - While heat wave index increases sharply in our country as well along with climate change, and abnormal climate which tropical night phenomenon lasts for more than 15 days appears, agricultural damage which crops wither and livestock dies. - This study makes the growth data of crops and livestock database through the..
1442     Application and Utilization of New Environmental St.. 2017-09-13
Category Research report > Water Hits 439
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - The introduction of Total Organic Carbon (TOC), new environmental factor is intended to make up for the problems which BOD and COD_Mn, old environmental factor have. As the study on assessment and management policy directions of organic materials in public waters (Ministry of Environment, 2008) pointing out that ..
1441     Utilization of Unmanned Aircraft to Remove Dust in .. 2017-09-07
Category Research report > Air & Climate Hits 432
Contents 1. Purpose of Research - PM 2.5 contains Element Carbon (EC), Organic Carbon (OC), dust, sulfur compound, nitrogen compound and fly ash and therefore has high effect of moisture absorption. This causes the importance of study to purify the fine dust in the air using cloud seeding technology to be in the spotlight. - While the cloud seeding..

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