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Title Development of Technology to Remove Particulate Matte..
National Digital Science Library
Attached File 16Data-95_Development_of_Technology_to_Remove_Particulate_Matter_(Remains_and_dusts)_by_90%_or_More_for_Optimization_of_Microorganism_Material_Filter.pdf Date
Development of Technology to Remove Particulate Matter (Remains and dusts) by 90% or More for Optimization of Microorganism Material Filter

1. Summary

Purpose of and Need for Research

* Additional preconditioning method must be considered to optimize efficiency of VOCs processing through biofilter by injecting constant concentration of VOCs.

* This is because exhaust gas discharged in actual sites contains not only VOCs materials but also much of particulate materials in additional to materials in gas.

* Especially, particulate materials cause windage phenomenon and interference of absorption of VOCs in biofilters, etc. by closing the opening of biofilters.
- Especially, as oil mists have viscosity, if they are injected as they are and absorbed into biofilters, they are not easily desorbed causing rapid shortening of replacement term of biofilters.

* Therefore, in order to increase efficiency and lifespan of biofilters, development of technology to control fine parties are absolutely necessary.

* The only technology of controlling fine particles in Korea requires high installing cost and high and wide land areas, if it is at the world standards or is high level technology like electricity precipitating technology, therefore is not appropriate for small sized facilities.

* Moreover, technology for controlling subject materials of remains in small facilities is limited only to flushing precipitating device, however, as it has disadvantage of causing second level contaminants like waste flushing water, it urgently requires supplementation.
Accordingly, in this research, we attempt to develop controlling system for particulate materials which can remove interfering materials such as oil mists which can affect biofilters which the general supervisor intends to develop and fine dusts, etc. and can also accompany flushing water processing.

For more information, see the attached file.
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