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Title Development of Hybrid Technology for Simultaneous Pro..
National Digital Science Library
Attached File 16Data-96_Development_of_Hybrid_Technology_for_Simultaneous_Processing_of_Electronic_Industrial_Process_NOx_and_Non-Degradable,_Toxic_and_Acidic_Materials_(HCl,_HF).pdf Date
Development of Hybrid Technology for Simultaneous Processing of Electronic Industrial Process NOx and Non-Degradable, Toxic and Acidic Materials (HCl, HF)

1. Summary

Purpose of and Need for Research

* As of 2014, types and amount of harmful exhaust gas occurring from electronic industrial process with development of the electronic industry initiated around smartphones and tablet PCs are increasing every year. Together with this, improvement and development are in progress with objectives of achieving mass storage, high efficiency and low operating cost also with SCR.

* Among various types of gas used in electronic industrial process (semiconductor and display manufacturing process), NF₃, which is used in large quantity, is representative of warming gas, which is known to cause headache, nausea, hemorrhage from the lungs and convulsion, etc.
* For processing such NF₃, various technologies are being developed, processing byproducts like F₂ or HF gas, which occur when NF₃ is decomposed, are on the trend of receiving attention as gas to be processed also.

* However, as mentioned above, to achieve mass storage, high efficiency and low operating cost, the traditional method of the existing operation, SCR’ has functional limitations. Therefore, in this research by constructing a hybrid system using high efficiency electronic beam technology, no oxygen radiant heat reactor and multi cyclone, we attempted to overcome the limitations.

* In this research, we attempt to procure minimum amount of discharge for reactionary byproducts and high decomposing efficiency for materials to be processed and by procuring stable operating conditions for hybrid system, to provide best available technology in the atmosphere processing field in the electronic industrial process.

For more information, see the attached file.
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