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Title Study on the Development of Korean Standard and International Standardization for Environment Area
Attached File 17RR-17_Study_on_the_Development.hwp.pdf  File Download Date 2017-10-10
Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- The activation of environment standards development promoted to occupy a leading position in establishing international standards in environment area, which has been left out so far, becomes an important issue in connection with the transfer of tasks regarding the establishing & amending of environment area KS standards from the Ministry of Industry to the Ministry of Environment (Korea Environment Institute) in accordance with the amendment of Enforcement Ordinance of 「Industrial Standardization Act」.
- The present study is intended to investigate and review the status and standardization activity trend of international standards for environment area [ISO/TC 146 (atmospheric air), ISO/TC 147 (water quality), ISO/TC 190 (soil)], and aggressively & proactively occupy the leading position in international standard arena in advance executing the international standardization activities.
- As well, the study is intended to assist in laying the foundation for internationalization of those environment related institutions and enterprises in Korea, and reinforcing the national competitiveness by occupying the international environment standard in advance.

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