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Title Development of the Korean Bio-gas Generation Process for Energy Self-sufficiency of Sewage
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Contents 1. Purpose of Research

- 8,739 tons/day of sewage sludge is generated in Korea (2010).
- Sewage sludge will be increased because of expansion of wastewater treatment plant and introduction of advanced treatment facilities.
- Caused by the prohibition of ocean dumping of sludge waste, countermeasure for sludge treatment is required.
- Anaerobic digestion facilities which is one of the countermeasure of sludge treatment were installed in 65 wastewater treatment plant in Korea and 57 sites are in operation now.
- However, due to the fluctuation of influx water quality and immature operating and management skill, their digestion efficiency remains too low, only 25% of advanced technology operating in developed countries.
- Thus, the study of efficiency operation of anaerobic digestion to reduce sludge waste and to increase biogas production rate is needed.

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