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1852     Cyclic Coarse Aggregate Production Technology Usin.. 2017-11-08
Category New technology > Waste Hits 254
Contents 1. Overview - To put cyclic coarse aggregates under production respectively in 2 sets of Hoppers using the Aggregate Diameter Based Sorting & Sequential Feeding Equipment and Operating Speed Adjustable Cone Crusher, and feed to the Cone Crusher in order using the Sequential Feeding Equipment constituted of Hoppers and Automatic C..
1851     Cyclic Coarse Aggregate Production Technology for C.. 2017-11-08
Category New technology > Waste Hits 247
Contents 1. Overview - Technology producing cyclic coarse aggregates for concrete mixing by removing the mortar stained on the surfaces of cyclic coarse aggregates obtained from the intermediate treatment process of waste construction materials with continuous impacting of Bucket Type Drum and Strike-peeling Equipment. For more information, ..
1850     Sewer Pipe Trenchless Total Repair System Using Se.. 2017-11-01
Category New technology > Others Hits 287
Contents 1. Overview - Sewer trenchless total repair system technology using separated & integrated Arm Roll Type Reverser and Hot Water Mist Spraying Pipe, and lining integration technology of sewer main and manhole. For more information, see the attached file.
1849     Manhole Repair Technology Using Downsized Pavement.. 2017-11-01
Category New technology > Others Hits 307
Contents 1. Overview - Cuts and removes the existing pavement using compact round cutting machine, and places high flowing ultra fast hardening concrete to adjust the height with the manhole pulled up, support and fixed using prefabricated support device. - Eco-friendly manhole lifting repair technology which saves energy taking advantage of using ..
1848     Water Pipe Refurbishing Technology Using Pipe Fixi.. 2017-11-01
Category New technology > Others Hits 187
Contents 1. Overview - Fixes the pipe fixing pneumatic reversal device with reinforced tube at the start point of refurbished pipe, installing the case finishing device at the end point to avoid the exposure of lining material. - And then, turns inside out inserting the reinforced tube by air pressure in the repairing pipe, and cures it using the ste..

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